”Citizen science: new epistemological, political and ethical challenges”. International workshop, Université de Lyon, France, June 6-7, 2019.

Confirmed keynote speakers

Justin Biddle (Georgia Institute of Technology)


Denis Couvet (MNHN, Paris)

Romain Julliard (CNRS/CESCO)

Florian Charvolin (CNRS/Centre Max Weber)

Kristina Rolin (Helsinki University)


Call for paper






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Working group meetings

October, 9, 2018  ”Objectivity and epistemic risks”

January, 9, 2019 ”Insights on epistemic injustice and scientific responsibility from PSA 2018”

January, 30, 2019 ”Epistemic diversity: benefits and limitations”

March, 7, 2019 ”Philosophical perspective on the democratization of science”


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Ruphy, S. “Pluralism in science and democracy: prospects and challenges of public engagement with science”. Workshop “Scientific Findings and Democratic Ideals”, Columbia University, New-York, 6-7 December 2018, invited talk.

Ruphy, S. “Does scientific research need to me more inclusive to be more responsible? Prospects (and challenges) of public participation in science”, workshop “Integrity and Responsibility in Science: Navigating through Conflicting Social and Epistemic Demands”, Bielefeld, 18-20 October 2018, invited lecture.


“Chercheurs et experts : quelles missions et quelles responsabilités aujourd’hui?”. Conferences “Science et Société” (Grenoble, LETI, CEA, 2 juillet 2018).

Discussion panel  “Sciences et techniques : consommateurs ou participants?”. Conferences “Le progrès a-t-il un avenir?” (Paris, Cité des Sciences, 17 mai  2018).

“Sciences citoyennes, oui, mais comment?” The Conversation, 22 mai 2018.

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